Glazed Chesnuts Case

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This magnificent box will highlight our glazed chestnuts and well protected from possible shocks that could damage them 7 sizes are available
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Our delicate confectionery deserves a solid case to protect it from possible shocks. We propose you this beautiful case in which our glossy chestnut, packed in its gold paper, waiting for the moment when you will want to enjoy one ...

Good tasting !

Warning: Note the perfect conservation of chestnuts (15 days) for your order


  • Taille T1 : Dim 13.5x9x3.5 - Poids Brut 270gr - Poids Net 180gr
  • Taille T2 : Dim 13x13x4.5 - Poids Brut 420gr approx. - Poids Net 275gr approx.
  • Taille T3 : Dim 15x15x4.5 - Poids Brut 550gr - Poids Net 365gr approx.
  • Taille T4 : Dim 19x19x4.5 - Poids Brut 820gr approx. - Poids Net 555gr approx.
  • Taille T5 : Dim 23.5x23.5x4.5 - Poids Brut 1245gr approx. - Poids Net 860gr approx.
  • Taille T6 : Dim 26x26x4.5 - Poids Brut 1430gr approx. - Poids Net 965gr approx.
  • Taille T7 : Dim 28.6x28.6x4.5 - Poids Brut 1835gr approx. - Poids Net 1285gr approx.
  • Price/kg = T1: 193.89€ - T2: 166.91€ - T3: 158.63€ - T4: 143.96€ - T5: 144.19€ - T6: 138.86€ - T7: 123.74€

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Glazed Chesnuts Case is not currently available.

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